Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sisley Beauty Event @ Takashimaya 12-14 Sept '13

Two weeks ago, I started my 3 day makeover event for Sisley. If you can remember, I was invited the first time to work with them last year at Centrepoint Atrium. Here is the link to last year's event.

Here is the Exclusive Invitation for this year's event at Takashimaya.

This year, the Sisley event was set up right smacked in the middle of Takashimaya Cosmetic hall, level 1. The location is perfect for no one will miss it.
Thank you for those who stopped by just to say hi too! It is always nice to be out for events and meeting up with new friends.

I must first apologize for not taking many pictures as I was really busy with the back-to-back makeovers. However, I managed to take the 'important' ones! :)

This is the Sisley event counter @ Takashimaya Cosmetics Level 1.

The missing items in the counter are those that I have picked out for the makeovers. This was when I was starting to pick them out.

Each makeover by me needs to be booked prior to the event date at only $200 (fully redeemable for Sisley products). Comes with a makeover photo shot at the photo booth by Crème Photography. It is always wonderful to see the 'transformation' taking place. For me the best job compliment and satisfaction is when my customers leave me happy. You know that kind of smile when they look into the mirror and it is just so genuine you cannot fake it.

I did a total of 30 makeovers in 3 days, so that is like 30 times being complimented and satisfied with my job done, over and over again!

Sisley's line of makeup is as botanical as their skincare products. If you are quality makeup which is  luxurious yet benefitting to the skin, this may just be the right makeup line for you. Also, if you like soft, dewy and natural shades as much as I do, there are many nice eye shadow colours to choose from. Be sure to check out their lovely and moisturising lipsticks and lip glosses.

Here are the 'few' pictures taken at the 3 day event. Some taken off my instagram


Tired but feeling AWESOME after a full 9 hour of makeovers on the 2nd day.
Side note : My work table is always messy, but I know where is everything. Organised mess! :) 
With the wonderful Sisley girls after wrapping up on the 3rd day

George (Crème Photography) with the Sisley girls

One 'obligatory Makeover' Photo shot at the booth to end the show

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Moments captured with my Casio Exilim TR15

And finally, I am back with pictures taken on my Casio Exilim TR 15.  Thank you Casio for giving me the opportunity to get my hands on this during the launch when it was already out of stock!

Ok, it took me a long long time because I had been working on trying to do more selfies since I have not really been known to be taking many of them and of course bringing you nice pictures taken with this hot pink sidekick of mine. You can follow me on my instagram to see my daily pictures:)

So, as mentioned, I admit I am really a newbie in selfie. So when I was gifted this wonderful camera, I thought the best way is to bring it everywhere I go and let the people I meet at work or events play with it. It is always fun when I get the reaction I have somewhat gotten used to. The 'I-can't-believe-my-skin-looks-that good' look.

The Casio Exilim TR15 comes in 3 colours. White, Black and Hot pink.
So conveniently sized (same size as my Iphone), It is almost like a fashion accessory that will definitely turn heads at events.

Photo Credit : Casio

I think it has been mentioned many times before by so many before me why this camera is every girl's dream and why it is always SOLD OUT! The most amazing and attractive feature would be the makeup and brightening mode. I mean honestly, everyone is editing their pictures nowadays to look almost perfect. So with this, let me tell you, you do not even need to be looking your usual best, you will always look like you have marvellous skin full of radiance with this makeup mode. It is no wonder, it is selling like hot cakes all over Asia. There are 12 levels of enhancement, so you can choose how 'good' you want to look. I usually do a level 6-9, and a level 12 for the no makeup days. So yes to a 'real' out of bed look, complete with zilch makeup.

There are two shutter buttons, one situated conveniently at the lowest side of the frame and another next to the on/off switch. So no more trying to yoga your finger into an uncomfortable position just to get a selfie. As this is touch screen, you can also set the shutter capture to be touch screen enabled. I personally go for the one at the side of the frame.

Ok, this would be every selfie-taker's woe. You try to capture a picture of yourself, but you end up having a huge face covering the entire background. This is a wide angle view, so you do not end up having to blanket the entire background with your face or having to stretch out too far. Here's an example.

Cath Kidston Preview Party @ ION
Wide angle. Makeup level 9 & brightening mode

Another innovation would be that you can wifi the pictures immediately to your phone, instagram or facebook them. How convenient. So no need for any editing of pictures or choosing of filters to cover any unpleasant flaws (dark circles, tired looking skin). There is a remote capture feature where you can prop the camera up on a table ,or anywhere stable for that matter ,and you can check yourself out on your smartphone (just need to download the exilim app) before snapping. All pictures shown here are direct from camera. No filter or editing.

Now I have become everyone's best friend at social meetings, events and work gigs.
They get selfies with my TR15, I wifi and send them immediately. They get new nice pictures of themselves instantly.
That's why. :)

I shall leave you to check out the other technical features of the Casio TR15 from their website here.
The rest will be pictures and pictures galore! Some are my selfies, others' selfies, of things and some are shots taken by others.


Super close-up. This is level 12 with brightening effect! I really needed the max enhancement as I was having some spots and this was after a 10hour work day! No kidding.
Serene Koong teaching me how to do a selfie at the studio. :p
Makeup feature level 6. Natural

 @Discover pets

 At a Prestige shoot. Goofing around :)
My beautiful cousin, Samantha. Made even more beautiful seen here with the TR15. Pro selfie-taker, only needed this one and only shot to get it right.
Thank you for the wait. I will be using this camera a lot at events, social outings and for blog pictures . So please remember to swing by this blog or see pics on my instagram for regular pics by my Pink sidekick.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sisley Beauty Event 2013

Sisley Paris is having their beauty event for 2013 and this time it is held at Takashimaya Cosmetics Department Level 1, 12th-18th September.

How quickly time flies when we are having fun! I am feeling like it is just not too long ago when I was invited to be their guest makeup stylist for the event at Robinson's atrium in Jul 2012. Read here for last year's event : Sisley

Flashback 2012 July

Sisley Paris has been my makeup sponsor for my editorial and fashion work for the last year. The botanical ingredients in their makeup line make their makeup products so much more attractive. Making you look good with beautiful colours and at the same time treating your skin well with all the skincare benefits.

I especially love their liquid foundation and lip colours. I really really love their Phyto Lip gloss. So luxurious and creamy. I love how true the colour is. Perfect for those always on the go who needs a pop of colour and yet treating the lips at the same time.

My all time favourite is Fuschia.



Read here for my earlier blog post about my favourites. Sisley Products

I do a few other guest appearances for their product media launches so I am kept abreast with their new interesting innovations in skincare and makeup.

And this year, I am invited again as their Celebrity Guest Artist!

'We will be there at Takashimaya Department Store Cosmetics Dept Level 1, 12th-14th Sept.
Come by to try out their skincare and makeup, or just to say hi!'
See ya!
Please stay tuned for the post-event blog post.