Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Personal Makeup Class : Clients' testimonials

"Everyone is unique, so should the makeup class you attend."    Joiè

No two lessons are the same. Learn makeup tips & techniques for your individual features, lifestyle & your style preference. Hear what others have to say.

" Joiè was extremely helpful for a complete beginner like myself. For those people wondering if they'll ever get the hang of makeup, trust me your lessons will help a whole bunch!
Beginning with basic skincare and how to look after your face, Joie's pointers were easy to follow and provided me with some useful tips for everyday relevance. I must admit I was skeptical of how much I would be able to learn from a professional but through the several weeks of lessons, I slowly started to pick things up. The ability for a "tailor-made" session allows for the student to be able to learn at her own pace with the level of progress suitable for each person. Joiè was thoroughly engaging as she put up with my forgetfulness and never once appeared to rush my pace of learning. I think the best thing I got out of her lessons was the encouragement and the personalized tips for my type of skin, face shape and ability. Thanks Joie for such fun and useful lessons!! "
- Samantha, 27
flight attendant
" Dear Joie ,

Thank you for the informative class yesterday. It was an enjoyable lesson and I have learnt good makeup techniques for doing my eye makeup which has been a problematic area for me.

Thank you once again :) "

" I have been wearing make-up for more than 10 years now (though not sure if I was doing it correctly). As I wanted to revamp my wardrobe style, I decided to seek professional styling advice from Joiè as she was recommended to me by a friend who goes to her for dinner stylings. I must say Joiè is extremely patient as I kept forgetting what was taught to me just 5 minutes ago. The tailor made classes are very different from other workshops I have attended as Joiè focuses on my features ,skin tone and habits to create looks suitable for me. Money and time well spent! I now look and feel better.
Highly recommended! "
Jill, 30's
Corporate Lawyer
" Thank you so much for the useful tips and information! You really do not hold anything back and share your makeup secrets. My husband (of 6 years) tell me now I look as young as when we dated. All thanks to your makeup tricks! LOL!
I know many friends who will benefit from your personalised classes, will definitely send them over to you soon! "
Mei, 38
Account Manager
" Hi Joie,
Thanks for sharing so much with me. I have attended classes from makeup schools and have not learnt very much. Your tailor make class is really helpful. You even manage to point out things I did not know about my skin and features! You are doing a good job by helping all ladies look pretty all the time! I will listen to your advice and practise what I had learnt, and trust me I will be back to pick up more skills from you! "
Jesline, 25
Customer support exec
" It is a priviliged to have attended Joiè's Personal make-up classes. Joiè is such a passionate artist in her field and an absolute strong communicator. As I am having a hard time having my make-up stay on due to the humidity here ( just relocated here a few months ago from Sydney), I really needed someone to show me how. Her intuitive nature makes learning a breeze for someone so clumsy like me. It is amazing how you even sent me an email to check up on me after the classes.

 It is no wonder she is such a popular choice! "

Jennifer Harvey, 30's
Risk Analyst

" I am fresh out of Uni and ready to go into the workforce. Want to learn to look presentable for interviews and work. Been intro-ed by many online to Joie's classes. She was kind enough to teach me both work kind of makeup style and as per my request, Korean big eyes look. Felt more like talking to a friend than attending a makeup class. I think I have learnt way more than I have expected! "

Paige, 22

Find out more here or email joie@joiemakeupbar.com for full details.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Recharged after my holiday!

After two long weekends, today is a hard day for many , I am sure.

As for myself, I have been working everyday since 15th August and yes, over the last holiday weekend too. Yet, I am feeling really good today. Reason is because, I had a good 7 day break during the National Day holidays.

Some of you might have known that I had finally managed to take some time off my hectic schedule to go on a much needed vacay. Did not want anything too fancy and busy so I decided to head out to Hoi An, Vietnam.

I have heard so many wonderful things about the beautiful beaches in Central Vietnam. Not to mention this is a World Heritage Site by Unesco. This ancient town is colourful and rich in its traditions and culture. It really felt like I had stepped into a movie set.

Even with the almost unbearable humid and hot weather, I really did enjoy myself a lot. Taking in the wonderful sights and of course the friendly Vietnamese in Hoi An. There was not much touting or pushy street vendors so I did not have to spend time fending them off.

Everyday, I would apply sunscreen generously on my entire face and body before heading out. For my body, I like to use a spray sunscreen. It is less oily and also lighter on the skin. Here's my favourite perspiration resistant Clarins Sun care Milk lotion Spray SPF 50+

Here's my face skincare regime :
- cleanse face with Cetaphil wash
a gentle cleanser which does not strip off excess moisture especially being out in the sun causes drying of skin to my very very sensitive thin skin.
- apply Envie De Neuf DNA eye serum
- apply Envie De Neuf Pure Hyaluronic Acid Elixir
to boost moisture and to keep skin hydrated throughout the day
- apply Envie De Neuf Fullerene C60 (water-based moisturiser)
- apply Murad Oil-free Sunblock SPf 30   More info

Ok ,let's see how Hoi An looks like from our (hubby shot them) perspective.

Street sights of Old town

There were a few locals doing Pre-wedding shoot there. We managed to catch one in action. Beautiful place to shoot pre-wedding. We might start a new overseas location shoot :)

Here is the wonderful and very busy Thu Bon River

As Hoi An is a really small town, the would be more bicycles than motorised vehicles. During the evenings, only bicycles are allowed in the Old town.

Our hotel provides free rental of bicycles , so we decided to cycle out to the less touristic beach, An Bang. It is around 5Km away from Hoi An town and I was initially a little anxious as I have not cycled for the last 10 years! And the road conditions was a little bumpy, which added to my worry.
After 15minutes on the bicycle, I was alright.

Here's me trying to look nonchalant, posing for the hubs at the hotel.

After being under the sweltering heat, we finally arrived at the beautiful beach. Reminded me of Male, Maldives.

We had to cycle 5km back under the hot sun to get back to the comfort of our hotel room and AIR-Con of course!!!
Most cafes and shops are not airconditioned.

After a very cold bath, we got to the hotel cafe for some tea. The decor reminds me very much of our Raffles Hotel's Seah Street Deli.

Here's me choosing my tea leaves.

One for the road before leaving Vietnam!

My first editorial job after I got back from my very colourful vacay. And here's why I was not even grumpy to having to wake up early in the morning for a full day shoot with 5 personalities (though my face in this pic shows that I would love more sleep)

Here is one of them :

With George Young