Monday, April 8, 2013

Winner of Personal one-to-one Makeup class at Envie De Neuf's Tea party Lucky draw!

You might remember 3 weeks ago I was invited to grace the Envie De Neuf Tea party event at Isetan Scotts.  EDN tea party blog post

Here are some pictures from Envie De Neuf's official photographer :



For their Lucky Draw, Joiè The Makeup Bar sponsored our most popular Personal One-to-One Makeup class to be conducted by myself.
This course is unique and useful to every individual as it is specially tailor-made to suit your needs, lifestyle and individual features. Through speaking to many clients in the past of their frustrations of not getting the correct instructions and techniques from makeup or grooming classes they have atended to get the results they want, I have come to realise how much I love to empower ladies with this skill of being able to know how to look good everyday. We are not talking about fancy forgettable trends or the latest products in the market. It is about learning how to bring out your best features and conceal flaws with the least hassle , correct products and techniques.
In my years of sharing makeup techniques and correcting habits during these courses, I am very glad to have been able to have made significant good changes to their lives. You feel good , when you look good!
The winner of the Personal One-to-One class, Miss Jeron, is having the usual complaints on using makeup. Not knowing how, she buys all the latest products promising to give her a flawless finish. Using a total of 6 products for makeup base and concealing usually, I have taught her how with only the basic corrector and foundation to achieve healthy looking skin. Along with new information and techiques to brighten up her fair skin, she left the studio a very happy girl! That makes me happy too! JOB SATISFACTION!
Here I leave you with  a picture of Miss Jeron. 'Before' which is her usual makeup she applies on her own, and 'After' which is the finished product of her hands-on class with me.
Please contact us at for details on Personal One-to-One Makeup class.