Monday, October 15, 2012

Red-dy or not?

Have you jumped onto the Red bandwagon yet?

I have received so many requests lately from clients to try out this sulty red siren look. They have seen it on models at runway shows, magazines and on celebrities on the big screen yet most are still unsure as they think they cannot pull it off. Others would feel like they do not suit red lipsticks because they feel their lips are not 'nice' enough to be the main attraction. So after hearing how red lipsticks have been pretty much misunderstood, I am here to show you how red can suit everyone!

- Very fair/pale skin
 Look for a rosy red lip colour. Anything too deep would wash you out.
Try :
MAC Ruby Woo
Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate

- Fair skin with pink undertones
This group would be the luckiest. You can use almost all shades of red. Personally, I like deeper reds for you as this can further enhance your snow white skin. Look for something with a blue or brown undertone.
Try :
YSL Rouge Pur Couture shade 35
Sisley Rouge Passion L33
Dior Ara Red 999

- Medium with yellow undertones
This would be me! I stick to reds which are True reds or with a slight orange undertone.
I shall share with you my personal stash of reds in my makeup drawer.
Try :
MAC Russian Red       FAVOURITE!!!
(Russian red has a little blue undertone, but it works so well for me!)
Dior Blazing Red 638
Nars Jungle Red
Chanel Passion

-Tanned skin
For olive skinned or girls who are more tanned, go for more orange or burgundy based reds.
You may add a tinge of gold lipgloss in the middle of the lips to add more glow.
Try :
MAC Viva Glam I
Nars Fire Down Below

Here I leave you with a recent event which I attended with my MAC russian red lips. I kept my overall makeup and hairstyle very clean.