Monday, May 28, 2012

Review of Envie De Neuf Thalasso Decompress Eye Mask

I have been waiting for the chance to use the Thalasso-Decompress Eye mask so that I can share with all of you my personal review but I have been so busy with shoots and classes that has caused this delay. Finally, I had one day off yesterday to be able to just kick back and pamper myself a little.

Needless to say, the hectic weeks did not leave me with much time to take care of myself and skin. I even fell ill last week because I did not have enough sleep. Every morning, I had to spend an extra 10 minutes just to conceal the dark circles with makeup but tired lines and puffy eyes are kind of hard to hide. :(

I read up on the product description on the back of the package and am already pleased with what I see. Here is what it says :

"A cooling, hydrating eye mask fresly resets the eyes in one go. Fabulous formula with algae and coral weed extracts, multiple botanical compound of cucumber, white tea and sea mayweed extracts anf fascinating deep-sea micro-organism Abyssine 657 to infuse the eye areas with concentrated doese of high powered ingredients for an instantly refreshing and nourishing look. Dramatically decompresses, tones tired eyes to be rested-looking, eyelids lighter and brighter and sensationally stree-free. Freshen up the eyes as like you just wake up after eight hours of sleep."

Directions :
Use after cleansing and toning. Apply mask directly to the eye area, covering the whole eyelids. Close your eyes and let the mask work for 10-15minutes to provide the magical refreshing relief, then remove and discard the mask. Use 1 to 2 times a week, or as needed when eyes need an immediate pick-me-up.

So after dinner, I took my shower and with cleansed face, I was ready to try the eye mask out. Marine extracts for the skin always sound so soothing and gentle enough for my very sensitive skin.

The eye mask is very soft so it sits nicely on the entire eye area. Shaped like sleeping eye shades, using this you would need to close your eyes (though there are two slits on for you to peek through). I had the eye mask on for about 15 minutes and I fought really hard not to fall asleep so that I could I fulfil my responsibility of sharing my review with you. ;)

Upon application, the eye mask which is big enough to cover a significant area of the lower and upper eyelid, felt very moist and cool. And I was thinking, 'is that it?' Then minutes after, I slowly felt this amazing cooling and refreshing feeling. It is so hard to describe in one word because I feel it gives the same effect as a minty, mentholated product would do yet it is able to constantly give out the icy refreshing relief throughout the entire 15 minutes. Now, this is really something.

Lines seem less obvious and the eyes definitely looking bright.
The experience was totally magical! You really have to try this for yourself to experience it.

My verdict :

- Shaped like sleeping eye shades means treating the upper lid area too. Most eye masks only covers the lower eyelids because that is where dark circles and lines are more obvious. However, we should not neglect upper eyelids too because the skin around that area is also very delicate. So this is a plus for me!
- The thing that makes this eye mask stand out would definitely be that constant refreshing treatment you get from this spa throughout the 15 minutes I had it on. It feels like a luxurious spa treatment for the eyes.
- Definitely recommended if you need instant results to perk up those peepers.

Available at :
Envie De Neuf
Isetan Scotts Level 1 &
Robinsons Centrepoint.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Charm-ing Sophie in Joiè The Makeup Bar

As many of you know that I am the ambassador and exclusive distributor for Charm Makeup Brushes Singapore , but did you know that this professional quality yet affordable makeup brush line was started by Sophie Uy from the Philippines solely for the love for makeup & makeup tools. Not satisfied with the mainstream big brands and sometimes overpriced makeup brushes, Sophie started her research on how to make them for herself and friends. Interested readers of her blog started to ask her to make them for sale, and the rest, as they say, is history.
In her own words :

"Charm Essentials started with makeup artist/beauty blogger Sophie Uy's dream of having the perfect makeup brushes. Her makeup schooling in the Philippines and in Singapore further honed her skills as a makeup artist, and a notable passion she has is for makeup brushes - she would spend time playing with makeup brushes, studying their functions, and learning from experience a good makeup brush a bad one.
With her love for makeup brushes, she created her own brand, Charm Essentials, which aims to give you the best makeup brushes coupled with affordable prices. It's been five years since Charm Essentials was introduced online, and progressively, into retail. "

I feel a little embarrassed posting this now, but it is better late than never, isn't it? My good friend and "business associate" , Sophie, was in Singapore for a visit in February. Sophie wanted to come visit the Singapore home to her Charm Makeup Brushes at Joiè The Makeup Bar


We also officially launched Charm's latest Professional brush set 'Pretty in Pink' animal cruelty free Vegan brushes during her visit here in February.
Read about this brush set here
Here's a few pictures I took from Sophie's blog post

Sophie with the Charm display in Singapore!

I was Over the moon to be finally holding the Pretty in Pink brush set! Love how great the quality of the brushes are! LOVE

Of course, what's a visit to The Makeup Bar if we did not do a makeover?
So we got down to 'business'. I decided to do a romantic and soft look for the Valentine's day (which was a couple of days away when she visited Singapore. yes I know, many moons ago). Sophie usually likes the smokey eye technique so I wanted to try something very different for her this time. So no dark smokey eyes this time. :)

Sophie's Before look
Working it! And trust me, we were having LOADS of fun doing it!
And tadaaaahhhhh........
The finished look!
Face : I used soft pale purple eyeshadow and thin black liner to play up her eyes. Loads of pinks on lips and blush. I skipped the false lashes as sometimes less if more.
Hair : I used a big barrel hair tong and gave her huge romantic curls. Curling outwards for this dreamy effect. The heated tongs also bring out her nice highlights in her ash blonde hair.
Read her blog post on her visit to Singapore! beautynomics

Friday, May 11, 2012

Help! The hot & sweltering weather is giving me zits!

Oh my, the weather these couple of weeks are almost unbearable! Believe me when I say I might have the most sensitive skin around. I get a breakout just being in the sun for 15minutes, so you can imagine how the weather lately has been (trying) to wreak havoc on my face. I say trying, because I have found something to combat the zits from popping (though not completely treating the problem) , clogging pores and getting heat rash. I must first clarify that it does not totally heal the problem of acne, but it can provide a temporary soothing relief and also to help in the application of  makeup
I decided to write about this and share with my readers because I have noticed lately many of my regular clients who come to me for makeup styling are having tiny zits popping up on their usually clear skin.

Ok, so here is what you need to get. Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel.

Everyone should own a tube of this in their household. And here is why : This multi-purpose wonder gel has this stated on the back of the tube :

Stabilized aloe vera gel which can be used as a moisturizer, or as general first-aid agent to soothe, promote healing and bring relief to the following conditions: Pimples/Acne, Ulcers (including mouth ulcers), haemorrhoids (Piles), stretchmarks, rashes, minor burns (including sunburn), bruises, cuts/abrasions and insect bites.
May be applied liberally often as needed.

Goes to show how mild this organic gel is if it can be eaten (if applied in mouth for ulcers).

I have always kept a tube of this Jorubi aloe vera gel in my fridge for as long as I can remember. I keep it in the fridge because the cool gel works better at calming inflammed zits which are usually warm to the touch. The cooling sensation is also extremely welcoming on sunburns and heat rash. Also helps to soothe dry flaky skin.

There is a smaller tube which I carry along in my makeup case for my outdoor gigs, one in my personal makeup pouch and one big tube in my studio. There are other brands of aloe vera gel, but the other one I have tried will sting the eyes. Ouch.

Facts of why aloe vera gel is good for the skin :

Inside the Aloe Vera plant there is a gel like substance. This gel has a huge range of vitamins especially vitamin e which is wonderful for the skin, Amino Acids & Enzymes. Aloe has a very close match to our skin’s pH balance. Therefore, it is able to moisturize and heal skin fast. Aloe is absorbed into our skin 4 times quicker than water.

Here's how I use it for zits or to 'seal' skin broken from a pimple.

- Cleanse face
- apply aloe vera gel on areas with zits, acne or if skin was recently broken from a pimple. (if skin is broken from a pimple, you will find that it's not possible to apply makeup over it). Can be used as a moisturizer but I find it has a 'tightening and too matt' effect afterwards, so I would not use this solely as my face moisturizer prior to makeup. If you need to apply toner, this gel will be applied after the toner.
- This gel needs a couple of minutes to set in and dry up. If not, makeup cannot be applied smoothly.
- apply your moisturizer and sunblock before makeup

You may find this inexpensive natural healing agent at Watson's or Guardian Pharmacy. I usually buy the largest tube whih is around SGD$20.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Envie De Neuf's New Counter at Isetan Scotts

I was invited to visit the newest and the most spacious EDN (envie de neuf) counter at Isetan Scotts  level 1. I love the chic and clean decor of this swanky counter where you will immediately feel at ease when visiting them or getting a product demonstration done by their experienced consultants.

There's even a table behind me to my right where you can sit comfortably to do a skin analysis or just have a chat with the consultants on your concerns on skin care.

I lugged back so many of their new products and I cannot wait to try them all. Check out what they are at the end of this post.

Of course, I had to take some pictures with my favorite items.This is the Fullerene C60.  My first must-have item.
Read more about it here : Fullerene C60

And Pure Hyaluronic Acid Essence. My must-have item , especially before makeup.  Read more about  Pure Hyaluronic Acid

And here are the 2 two latest products launched in conjunction with the opening of this counter on the 4th May 2012.

This is one of the latest product, the Thalasso-Decompress Eye Mask.

A cooling and hydrating eye treatment which instantly refreshes tired looking eyes to restore youthful happy eyes.. 
Dramatically decompresses and soothe the eyes to give the appearance of a well rested you after a full 8 hour sleep.

Review for this coming up very soon, so do check back here.

 Dual Effect Overnight Beauty Gel

A deep whitening and hydrating facial treatment that leaves skin bright , flawless and restores your youth. This light gel texture works while you sleep to provide intensive hydration, revitalization and brightening effects.

Use it over your essences & moisturiser for optimum results or on its own.

Review of this coming up soon. Please do check back.

Visit Envie De Neuf's newest counter at Isetan Scotts Level 1 to check out all their wonderful products. Also available at :
Robinsons Centrepoint
Robinsons MBS

Specially selected products picked by me are available at:

Joiè The Makeup Bar
119A East Coast Road
Singapore 428806
(opp 112 katong)
Tel :93857769

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Envie De Neuf Eye treatments

I think I have found the solution to tired eyes, smile lines , wrinkles and saggy cheeks without going under the knife.............. yet.

And here are the two amazing products I have found to stall the time of all of the above before you think Botox or dermal fillers.

Introducing one of the best-sellers of the Envie De Neuf skin care line,

Platinum Lineless Eye Mask
(all skin types)

 I was given many of these eye masks to try out last year before my endorsement with EDN (envie de neuf). This specially designed butterfly shaped eye mask sits nicely under your eyes and extends into your cheek and temple area. So you do not just benefit with just an under eye treatment like most eye masks are made to be. The entire area the mask covers will be brightened and lifted. The claim of giving an instant lift and brightening of dark circles is not unfounded.
I tried it on a person with one of the worst case of dark circles, my husband, and the effect was astounding. After just 15 minutes of the using this eye mask, his undereye dark rings seem to be  'concealed & highlighted' with what I would do at my studio, with make up. This is really something, I told myself. But the skeptic in me decided to hold my review till the next day to see how long this 'brightening, highlighting and lifting' effect will last. Lo and behold! He looked refreshed throughout the next day because of his less tired looking eyes!

I like to use this eye mask on clients and myself if I think we need an extra 'lift and brightening' before a makeup session. Lines will be less obvious and most obvious would be the brightening effect which really last and last. The lifting effect helps to create happy eyes and smooth , plumped up cheeks which will gives an instant glow.
Best used at once or twice for maintenance.

<><> <><>
About Envie De Neuf Platinum Lineless Eye Mask
Product Description
Envie De Neuf Platinum Lineless Eye Mask takes just 15 minutes to rejuvenate the eye area. This powerful anti-aging mask is specially designed for the delicate eye area and contains Peptides to instantly relax wrinkles, reducing their appearance. Added Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone reduces the appearance of dark under eye circles while Collodial Platinum stimulates cell regeneration and plumps the skin to further reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Envie De Neuf Platinum Lineless Eye Mask leaves younger looking eyes. The eye mask is suitable for all skin types.

Apply after cleansing and toning. Place the eye mask on the under-eye area as shown on the sachet and make sure it adheres entirely to the skin. Leave on for about 15 minutes, then remove and discard the mask. Gently pat the remaining essence till absorbed. No need to rinse. For best results, use the eye mask once or twice a week.

Next up, daily use of eye serum.

DNA Reviving Eye Lift Serum
(all skin types)

There are three kinds of people on daily eye treatment products.

The first would be ' I am still young and have not seen any lines forming yet so I do not see the need for eye treatment products'.

The second would be ' I have tried so many eye treatment creams, serums, gels and they all cause milia seeds which are painful to remove, so I have stopped using'

The third would be me. ' I have started using eye treatment products in my early 20's as part of my skincare regime to prevent lines from forming'

So which one are you?

There may be others who may outright tell me that they are just plain lazy to use it. Well, take my word for it. Start using before you regret it.

Let me share with you how important we need to include eye treatment products in our daily skincare routine.
The area around our eyes and lips are the most sensitive and most gentle areas. We need to show them more care since tugging and rubbing of the eyes are common things we do, eg, when removing eye makeup. Besides that, insufficient sleep or spending lots of time infront of the computer can also cause irreversible effects which make our eyes look tired.
Our eyes are the window to our soul, the first thing you will notice on a person's face would be the eyes. Do not wait for lines to form before trying to 'fix' it. The fact is once the area around the eyes are saggy or if eye bags are form, you would need to go under the knife or get some aesthetic help to lessen the tired appearance. But they will return again, if you do not take care of them. So here is the reason, why we do need to include eye treatment products into our daily skincare regime.

This very light gel serum is non greasy and will not cause any milia seeds if you belong to the second group of people who shun eye treatment products.

Use this together with the Platinum lineless eye masks, and I promise you, your peepers will thank you.

Product Description

Restore the look of youth and vitality to your eyes with this amazing anti-aging eye serum. Envie de Neuf DNA Reviving Eye Lift Serum is carefully formulated to firm and tone the delicate skin around the eyes with advanced ingredients. Beech tree buds extract, straight from the French Alps, helps reduce the apperance of wrinkles. Silanol lactate penetrates into the epidermis to repair and regenerate the skin. Hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract restore moisture, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Plus, the transparent, non-oily formula absorbs completely, with no sticky or greasy residue.
Apply morning and evening on cleansed skin. Take 1-2 pumps and dab gently with your ring finger around eye areas until completely absorbed.

Available at Joiè The Makeup Bar, 119A East Coast rd Singapore 428806. contact : for special in-store discounts of these items.

Visit EDN counters at Robinsons at Centrepoint & MBS.

I am happy to announce a new counter opening at Scotts Isetan Level 1 on 4th May 2012. Visit EDN
to see how you can receive free samples.