Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I hope. :)

I have been away for so long, too long. I have been meaning to write about what have we been up to at Joiè The Makeup Bar, but trust me, we have been so swamped (blessed) with so much work and projects that I just was not in the right mood (think zen) to write.

I have had friends and followers send me private messages on our Facebook page asking why I have not done reviews or write more stuff here lately. So sorry, even my replies were delayed :p

OK, so here I am. Like finally! A little time between the last show and a new project brewing.
No more excuses :p

So many things have happened between the time when I last wrote anything. Our business and services have expanded quite quickly and that is one of the main reasons why I have been so busy. We now produce shows (fashion events), event management, fashion directing and styling, and I have a big team of makeup artists & hairstylists and talent models.

It started with doing more and more Fashion shows, where I designed the makeup and hair for the runway models. Brainstorming a lot with clients and designers to get the look they want may mean using unconventional things to get a certain look. I had to train my Makeup Artists to do identical body art for 12 models quickly. Or teaching my hairstylists to paint face paint on models' hair partings. All these have to be done very quickly as the backstage is always fast moving yet we needed to be very precise.

Then I started to be involved in more commercial projects. I was more involved in them such as fashion directing, styling and of course makeup & hairstyling. For those who have asked what do I do when I fashion direct? Anything to do with the theme of shoot, wardrobe, outfits, accessories, makeup & hairstyling really. So I would need to design the looks I want for the models for the earlier mentioned and show them to our clients. For those who know, it is lots of creative thoughts and SHOPPING! :)

So instead of 'boring' you with all the pictures of my work, I leave you with some behind the scenes and of the final product of one of my projects. A campaign for Casio Exilim cameras.
Models were flown in from Taiwan and that meant I had to prepare the wardrobe without anytime for fitting. It was a great success and achievement to see my work all over pamphlets, newspapers and across the island in Casio stores.

Casio Exilim Campaign.
Fashion direction, makeup & hairstyling, styling and wardrobe : Joiè Leong
Official picture credits : Casio Exilim Singapore


Grabbed a quick picture of my main cast after I had done their makeup and hair. This was the first scene where they 'first met' in the club.

This is the 'it's a wrap' wefie with most of the crew and cast!
Though I have been so much busier now with events and show productions, my first love is still makeup. You won't believe how therapeutic it is when I get to do makeup for my clients nowadays. I want to spend more time this year again to do more weddings and teaching makeup! Sorry for the long wait. Please contact us for your appointments and packages.
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