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Lumi-Oxy. Your personal skin care therapy device. Available at Joiè The Makeup Bar

Lumi-Oxy combines Ozone Therapy and NASA's LED Light Therapy to refine, rejuvenate and renew your skin, tackling 4 major concerns many Singaporeans encounter - Pores, Pimples, Pigmentation and Wrinkles.

Introducing the Lumi-Oxy, a revolutionary personal aesthetic technology that combines Ozone Therapy and NASA’s LED Light Therapy to refine, rejuvenate and renew your skin. A first to combine both technologies into 1 device, the Lumi-Oxy tackles 4 major concerns many Singaporeans encounter - Pores, Pimples, Pigmentation and Wrinkles.

Do you not sometimes wish that you could have 36 hours a day? There are always too many things to do and too little time. I think the last time I visited a beauty salon to get a facial treatment might have been at least 2 years ago.

I have tried many LED light and Oxygen therapy facial treatments in the past and I really do like how effective it works on my super sensitive and acne prone skin.

I had a severe breakout back in the days as a flight attendant, and I signed up for a series of Blue Light therapy treatment in a beauty salon to kill bacteria that is causing acne and breakout. Within, 2 weeks of expensive (almost $3000!) and intensive treatment, my breakout cleared tremendously and stayed clear from then on.

Then this was followed by the Red Light therapy, to stimulate cell renewal to boost collagen production, resulting in smoother and tighter skin appearance.

Of course, I only could do this when I had time to spare to head for a facial and also this usually means a couple of hundreds of dollars each session.

Then I tried Lumi-oxy. A personal skin therapy device which you can use daily, in the comfort of your own home. You need only 3 minutes for each area, so I do it usually in the evening infront of the Tv when I get the chance to relax after dinner. So convenient, easy and effective!

** I apply my favourite Envie De Neuf Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum before using the Lumi-Oxy. By using the Lumi-oxy with your serum, it helps to penetrate the serum further and quicker to boost its skincare benefits.


Let's see how the Blue & Red LED light therapy and Ozone therapy can treat our common skin complaints.

This not only has the Blue and Red LED light therapy, it even has another wonderful innovation, Ozone Therapy. So what's so special about Ozone?

The Lumi-Oxy Ozone Therapy Function (O3) creates a high-energy electrical discharge that ionises three oxygen atoms (O + O2 = O3) in the atmosphere, producing supercharged enriched oxygen called Ozone. Ozone sterilizes and purifies skin upon contact and can provide anodyne, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. It can also effectively brighten and even out skin tone naturally over time, akin to many whitening products or lightening treatments.
Can I say, I totally love the ozone therapy! Zap your spots and blemishes away. It literally Zaps them away because the Ozone therapy is like a blue electric lightning current. Then it gives off the smell of the aftermath of rain. What you get is, Clear & Clean skin!

There are many settings in the Lumi-oxy where you can choose to use :

1) Blue LED alone (targets pimples, acne & pores. Good for dark cirlces too)
2) Red LED alone (targets collagen production, healthy skin. Eye bag reduction)
3) Blue & Red LED together
4) Blue & Ozone (intensive yet gentle clearing up of bacteria which causes pimples & acne.
5) Ozone alone (Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, sterilises & purifies)
6) Blue, Red & Ozone (for people who want all the benefits of Lumi-oxy and of course who only have a small amount of time each day to do so)
7) Using the intermittent Blue & Red LED for eye area (improve dark circles and eye bags)

Warning : DO NOT USE Ozone around eye & lip areas.


You can also use the Lumi-Oxy to tackle oily scalp and prevent hair loss. Select both Red and Blue LED therapy, coupled with Ozone therapy and apply it on the scalp.

·         Blue LED Therapy

o    Reduces oil secretion in scalp

·         Red LED Therapy

o    Stimulate cell renewal and boost collagen production for healthier and stronger hair follicles

·         Ozone Therapy

o    Oxidizes toxins and increases oxygen in blood to allow better circulation




The Lumi-Oxy can be used twice daily in the morning and night, up to 3 minutes per treatment area.


Choose desired ozone and LED settings, and begin lightly circling the device across the following areas for 2-3 minutes each:


1. Forehead: Sweep in a spiral motion from left to right.

2. Nose: Move in light downward strokes along the bridge of nose.

3. Acne: Zap areas with pimples/acne

4. Cheeks: Sweep in a spiral motion from upper cheek down to chin, gradually covering whole of cheek.
5. Neck: Use upward strokes towards base of chin.


Introductory Price at $298nett (till 12th June 2013)
Regular Price : $358nett
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