Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Yes, I am a late bloomer. Better late that never right? :)

I have always been very private about my life, however, I know many of you want me to reach out to you on a more personal level. To see what I do at work, out of work, share things I see and events I go to.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Casio Exilim TR 15 Media Launch

It has been a very exciting and hectic (good kind of hectic, though) year for me. I do hope it has been great for you too!

This year, I have had so many opportunities to start new and bigger things. So thankful for the new people and things in my life. And I would like to take this opportunity to share with you what I have been busy with.

Some of you might know that I have been helping out in my family's Event conceptualisation business for many years now. Our Event business targets more fashion campaigns and launches focusing on celebrity appearances and fashion models. Now armed with more experience and knowledge, I am now heading the Fashion & Styling department of W.A.T.E Works (We are revamping a new website for W.A.T.E. Works). I take care of all styling & fashion related issues. Namely wardrobe & styling department and makeup & hairstyling department. I also have a great team working under me.

I was handed a very big project before I left for Tokyo, Japan. It is for the Casio Exilim TR 15 Media Launch in Singapore. The compact camera every Self-portrait photo user MUST own. Just do a google and you can see how they are sold like hot cakes even before the official launch in Shanghai, Hongkong and Taiwan. Why are all the celebrities, bloggers, selfie-takers and almost everyone wants one or if you are lucky, already own one.
Let's see how this powerful compact looks like first. Besides the basic white and black colour choices, the shocking pink is a real knock-out. I will talk about this camera more once I get my hands on one myself!

Pic credit : Casio
28th June, just one day after I came back from Tokyo, was the launch party. I had to shop in Tokyo for the models' outfits & accessories since I would not have time back here in Singapore to organise the wardrobe. Hard work lugging them around in busy Tokyo,but totally worth it when I see the final work.
The wonderful team of Mojito transformed the ballroom reception area to a very funky and Cyber-age place.

Here is the stage.

Our very own Top Singapore model, Sheila Sim, was the superstar of the show. Here's some pictures of us backstage before and after I have done her styling (Makeup by me too!)
Photo taken off my instagram, sorry for the grainy picture.

Here's the rest of the team. That's my brother, Leslie, the one behind W.A.T.E works.

With Bloggers Agri & Estelle
My 'personal' lens man, YuJin (the Hubs)
Mojito & W.A.T.E works
Choreographing the walk. Rehearsals. (Our videographer, René, got caught in the background)
And the party begins at 6pm!
Ying Ying opening the show.

Agri and Estelle sharing tips on Selfies with the TR 15 with the audience

Selfie-professionals! :)

Guests were then invited to go check out the cameras at the 3 different themed rooms.
Here is the tea room.

Here's our girls showing the guests all the wonderful and convenient functions of the camera.

 Make-up room


Dance Club

I will be back with more information on this very wonderful compact camera. This camera is currently out of stock so you will have check the retailers if you can be put on waiting list.
Till then, Selfie on! :)


Photo credits : YuJin, Mojito & Casio

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Journey with Mrs Singapore Universe 2013

In March this year, a lady called me to book my styling services for a few dates. Little did I know, this would be a start to a newfound friendship.

When this lady turned up for her first styling service on 22nd March at the studio, I saw a very warm and down to earth person.

Her name is Christy Chung. A mother of five, a lecturer at our local Polytechnic and a wife who speaks fondly of her very doting husband.

As I usually try to find out more about the event my client is attending to be able give them the most appropriate makeup & hairstyling, Christy then told me she is actually a finalist for this year's Mrs Singapore Pageant! We then started chatting like old friends when I started sharing tips with her about pageants and my experience with styling for the last Mrs Singapore World 2012, Kim Marie Martin. We then kept in regular contact by text messages on other stuffs such as skin care.

The next styling was for her Pre-judging session, which it is actually the most important part of the competition. Where the ladies have to present themselves to the judges in their best evening gowns and answer questions put out to them. This is extremely nerve-wrecking to most people, but Christy showed no signs of nervousness.
This is her after the hair and makeup styling. Gorgeously poised in an elegant yet striking red evening gown. Here is Christy after my makeup & hair styling for her pre-judging.

The finals was on 11th May at Orchid Country Club. We were all in a huge room with the rest of the contestants. I was feeling light-headed by the tension that was filling the air. But none of it coming from Christy. She was still the ever so calm and collected Christy through out. We even managed a picture at the photo wall before I left.

After bidding her goodbye and wishing her the best, I left to go to see Mrs Singapore World 2012 in her room. Had only time to help her with her hair. Here's one with the queen.

At around 3am, I saw a message on my mobile from Kim Marie. The news actually got me super excited that I woke the hubs up too! Christy won the title of Mrs Singapore Universe 2013! I am truly happy for her. No one deserves it more than you, Christy!

Actually, besides Christy, I have had at least 5 other enquiries for styling for this pageant by other contestants. It must be fated then that she got the booking first, and the rest they say, is history.

Now, I am helping Christy prepare for her international competition in Aruba in August, where she is representing Singapore in Mrs Universe 2013. All contestants have to do their own hair and makeup so Christy is taking sort of a crash course on makeup and styling from me now.

Here I leave you with the winning pictures of Christy at the finals. All pictures (except with Kim Marie) are provided by Christy. Thank you!

All the best, Christy! Like what you always say 'Enjoy the moment and the experience!'

Testimonial by Christy on my facebook page :

Love working with Joie. My first encounter with her left me yearning for more. Not only did her personable demeanor put me at ease, her fashionistic inclination and eye for details set her apart from other makeup artists. I knew I was in very good hands after my first styling with her. Besides makeup, she became my beauty consultant as well, introducing cutting edge beauty technology, products and regime which suit my sensitive combination skin. Joie is also able to give fashion styling tips too. Recall her suggestions on matching accessories to go with my gowns and without Joie, I wouldn't have tried and known that bright red lip colour works on me too. Needless to say, I engaged her for my pre-judging and finals. Indeed she was one "magician" who sealed the win.