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Envie De Neuf Tea Party 16th March '13

I had a great weekend! How about you? Especially on Saturday, when I attended Envie De Neuf's first ever tea party held in Singapore ever since they first arrived here.

Congratulations on the success of the party and overwhelming response. I sure do hope there are more of such parties in the near future.

Though I have been the Ambassador of Envie De Neuf for almost a year now, this is the first time I have been officially introduced to their warm and friendly customers. It was so nice speaking and having small talks with them.

Ok, let me walk you through the entire event with pictures from my personal photographer (ahem, that would be the hubs). We did not manage to get a lot of other pictures since he was following me throughout the event, as Envie De Neuf had their official photographers and videographer to cover the rest of the event. When I do get the pictures from them, I may make a part II blog post on that. :)

The tea party started at 230pm for registration of guests. Guests started making purchases or get skin analysis and demonstrations done by the wonderful and dedicated team of skin consultants. Lots and lots of pastries, cakes, wine & juices were being offered by servers throughout the party.

Guests started to arrive early to purchase all the wonderful bundle promotions available at the event. Registrations were made and for those who have made purchases on that day, they were entitled to the lucky draw at the end of the event, the draw was conducted by Yours truly. :)

I do wish to warn you before you continue reading on, LOADS OF PICTURES in this post! And pictures are non-edited. What you see is what you get! :p

This was the wonderful sight that greeted me when I arrived at 2pm.

I was received by Miss Janet of Envie De Neuf, who gave me a quick brief on the event line-up and loaded me with loads of drinks and food!

Reading through program line-up and checking when is my segment.

Miss Janet and I 'braving' the crowd. Introducing me to friends and guests of Envie De Neuf. What a warm and friendly bunch.

Envie De Neuf's skin consultants hard at work.


And introducing their star consultant, Elsie.

A super sweet lady who goes out of her way to make you comfortable. She has been commended for her warm nature in going out of her way to assist customers asking for things outside her work scope.

Elsie and I having our usual jokes and laughs when we meet.

Even my mom caught the attention of the emcee.

My mom is slightly over her mid 60's and has been using Envie De Neuf's products ever since I introduced them to her. She uses almost no makeup now as compared to before where she relied on thick creamy concealers and foundation to cover up her pigmentation and scarring. As seen in this picture, she has no makeup on (lazy Saturday). Hardly any wrinkles and pigmentation in sight and skin is full of radiance. :)

My mom uses : Q10 essence (serum)
                         Platinum cellwhite hydromasks
                         Idebenone Silk essence
                         Fullerene C60

Our model for the day, Carol. Carol is a customer of Envie De Neuf and she has agreed to be the model for both the skincare demonstration and makeup demonstration doneby me. She has such wonderful skin and it is really good of her to start taking of her skin from a young age.

Here is us being first introduced and Carol having her 'Before' picture taken.

Carol sharing with the audience what her favourite Envie De Neuf products are.

Who else to do the skin care demonstration other than Star consultant, Elsie!

My turn!

I did a very sheer natural and dewy makeover for Carol. A quick 10minute makeover you can achieve on your own. Wear this look to work or for a weekend date. Works especially well for Carol's good skin and young active lifestyle. Like what I always say, Less is sometimes More!

Tadah! Carol is happy , she still can recognise herself in the mirror yet add some colour to her face.

Lucky Draw time! Total of 7 prizes to be won. One of the prizes was a sponsored Personal one-to -one makeup class with me.

This lady, Jeron, spoke to me briefly just before the lucky draw. She was asking for makeup tips and EDN products to use prior to makeup. After that I told her, 'hopefully you win my prize so that you can have a personal one-to-one makeup class with me'.

And when I picked the lucky draw coupon (at that time I did not know her name yet), I saw her eyes lit up when her name was announced by the emcee. Talk about being LUCKY :)

Then I had to fulfil my responsibilities as Brand Ambassador. Posing for pictures , especially for the new product launches!

Leaving you with my Envie De Neuf MUST-HAVES!

- Pure hyaluronic Acid Elixir (serum)
- Dna eye serum
- Q10 Yeast mousse makeup cleanser
- Instant Biphase eye & lip makeup remover
- Platinum cellwhite hydromask
- Fullerene C60 (moisturiser)
- Dual Effect Overnight beauty gel (sleeping mask)


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