Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Look what's in my bag?

You know for my work as a Makeup Artist, the tools of the trade would be my makeup brushes. I am almost seeing, holding and working with them all day long. I have hundreds and hundreds of brushes, some for personal use, those used in classes and 5 overstuffed pouches/tool belts which I use for work. I always tell people that one can never have too many makeup brushes. A brush can make or break the final effect of what you are trying to create. Take good care of them and they will take good care of you too.

So the next question which I have been asked very often is 'Which Charm Makeup Brush set do you have in your bag when you travel? Any favorites?'
Ok, I do not have just ONE favorite set. As mentioned earlier, one can never have too many makeup brushes (or am I just greedy :p)
I do, however, have a favorite set which follows me when I travel overseas.

It would be the PRETTY IN PINK 14-PC BRUSH SET!!!

Here's why :

1. It is PINK!
2. The full-handled brushes (professional brushes are full-handled length) allows me full control.
3. The superior grade of animal-friendly hair is really really soft. Besides feeling good on the skin, every brush has been carefully designed and made to give the highest performance. For someone who is very careful about picking the right brush and being a perfectionist to the point where I get very frustrated even by looking at scratchy brushes, these vegan brushes prove that synthetic brushes can be just as good, or better.
4. The 14-pc includes all the important brushes you would need for any occasion. Sometimes when I travel, I need to attend important events where I need more sophisticated makeup and basic sets just don't cut it. My favorite eye makeup blending brushes such as the pencil point & big blending brush , face contour and shading brushes are in there!
5. This super fuss-free, hardcore brushes are made for people always on the go because you can practically wash the brushes in any hair shampoo or body wash and they stay as good as new for a long long time. The highest quality synthethic hair makes the brushes very easy to care for.
6. The brushes are housed in a water-resistant PINK roll-up holder, so it fits nicely in your carry-on , gym bag or tote.
7. Did I already mention because it is PINK?

Retailing at only $99 for the full set!

Grab yours now at Charm Singapore.
*Hint : Be a fan on our facebook page to look out for GSS sale for this set very soon.

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